Sisley Phyto-Khol Perfect Eyeliner Reviews

Hello! We all know that there are such “tricks” that, in my opinion, should be in the makeup bag of any girl. One of my secrets is the SISLEY Phyto-Khol Perfect Eyeliner.

For a long time I was thinking about buying a similar product. Not even so much for the behavior of the water line (and for this of course, too), but for highlighting the corner of the eye and the eyebrow space.
How often there are situations when the makeup is bright or inappropriate, or there is no time or desire to perform it ... In this case, this pencil helps me a lot.
I just apply it under the eyebrow, in the inner corner of the eye (sometimes a drop in the center of the eyelid) and that’s it! The gaze was immediately fresh, rested, wide open. It also serves as a substrate for me under bright or light shadows - but this is necessary.

As for the quality - it is more than satisfied with me. The pencil is soft, no need to tear the eyelid to achieve a dense color. It is well pigmented - the shade is bright, rich and hiding. It keeps excellent for a century. On the mucous membrane, of course, it is not as excellent - but also quite good. In principle, he stands my day. Of course, not in its original form, but pretty tolerable.
The pencil has a rather convenient sponge, but I do not use it - I put it out with my fingers))

This is what my 5 minute makeup looks like

It looks like a 6-minute already with a pencil under the eyebrow and in the corner

Add a pencil to the mucosa

The same makeup after 3.5 hours. Pencil in place

Rating 5
A significant minus is the price. It makes something around 550 hryvnia
I use 3 months
Thank you all for stopping by!)))

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